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Experting, few steps closer to your solution:

3. Brief details:

Build or upgrade

Just ask for an expert point of view for building or upgrading your equipment, software or web

Experting is one of the unique place where you find better alternatives to expensive market options. It also gives you the freedom to implement and expand your vision.


CREATE or UPDATE your equipment, software or web.


Measuring equipment
From simple workbench setup, to advanced laboratory equipment:
- PC and microcontroller based acquisition
- USB and WiFi equipment
- Motor control 
- Control and acquisition of cameras, microscopes and spectrometers
- large infrastructures (acceleratos, syncrotrons, lasers) control systems and measuring systems
- IOT systems


- Desktop software for data acquisition
- Data analysis tools
- Building control systems
- Developments in Visual C++, Delphi, VB 
- Android system interfaces


- modern web design
- user based apps
- CMS platform webs
- maintenance and updates

  1. USER FRIENDLY :what we implement is designed to be user friendly
  2. AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE: we avoid unnecessary complications
  3. STABILITY IS A MUST: nobody wants their software to crash, so we perform all necessary tests when delivering a solution.

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